Saturday, June 18, 2016

Milwaukee Mobster Frank Balistrieri Had Alleged Interest In Gay Bar Pink Glove During Late 1950s
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The Pink Glove was a wildly popular gay bar in Milwaukee, WI in the late 1950s, and none other than mob boss Frank Balistrieri allegedly had a hidden interest in the watering hole which otherwise was operated by Marvin Klein as license holder who was a brother of suspected mob associates Harold and Bernard. A 1958 FBI report provides the following:
FRANK BALISTRIERI is alleged to have an interest in the "Pink Glove," which is newly opened, a cocktail lounge at 631 North Broadway, and which is operated by [name redacted]. An informant has advised that he has seen an employee of FRANK BALISTRIERI's observe the activities at the "Pink Glove" cocktail lounge and check the cash register and report his findings back to FRANK BALISTRIERI.  The informant advised he had no information which indicated that this "Pink Glove" cocktail lounge was a part of a country operation which catered to the "gay crowd." A "gay crowd" is described as individuals who participate in various acts of sexual perversion. It was the understanding of this informant that the "Pink Glove" may be a name used to designate a certain spot in various parts of the country where gay crowds meet.
Balistrieri apparently had interests in straight bars, too, and another 1958 FBI memo alleges he had involvement with the "licenses for the Roosevelt Bar, the Melody Room, the Downtowner Bar, the Tradewinds Lounge and the Knights Tower Bar, all in the city of Milwaukee."


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